2nd Vocational School of Heraklion Crete.












Building facilities

The school was built in 2003. It is located in Parodos Dilvoi Street and it has a common party wall with the 7th Junior School of Heraklion but we do not share courtyards.


The school has 20 classrooms with a capacity of up to 25 students per classroom, and a library with computer and lending library. All the classrooms and the labs are in ground floor and first floor.

Multifunctional room

There is an interior space which is configured to be used for school events with a microphone installation and projector. There is also a small room with photocopy machine, stationery, fridge and coffee machine for the needs of the teaching staff.

• Office for the teachers board
• Independent office for the Headmaster
• Common office for the two Deputy Directors
At the school area operate the following laboratories
1. 2 Computer Labs

2. Science laboratory

The laboratories of the IT sector and a laboratory of Economics and Management that are located on its space are used by our school.

The laboratories of other sectors take place on 1st and 2nd Laboratory Center.


At the school operates a canteen. In the courtyard around the school, there is an organized space with flowers, ornamental plants and trees.
There are a basketball court and a volleyball courts.


The current graduates of EPA.L is given a Vocational High School diploma and a level 4 diploma of approx. C «of paragraph 1 of Article 6 of N.2009 / 1992 (FEK.18A) and graduates have the opportunity:
• to obtain a license to practice the profession
• to continue their studies in departments and faculties of Higher and University Education Institutions
• to enroll in Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) (primarily on on their specialization)



School staff

In July 2015, Mrs. Tsagkaraki Evangelia (IT), became the Headmaster of the 2nd Vocational School of Heraklion and remains in the same position until today. Deputy Directors of the School are Mrs. Pylarinou Maria (Greek Literature) and Mr. Kasmeridis Nikolaos (IT). There are 63 teachers and 401 students. Most of the students come from the city of Heraklion but a lot of students come from the province.


GROUPS OF ORIENTATION in 2nd Vocational School of Heraklion, Crete


Orientation Group of Applied Technology

IT sector

  1. Technician of Informatic Applications
  2. Technician of Software Applications


Orientation Group of Management and Economics

Management and Economics sector

  1. Employee of Warehouse and Supply Systems
  2. Employee of Marketing


Orientation Group of

Sector of  Mechanical engineering

  1. Vehicle Technician
  2. Cooling installations, ventilation and air-conditioning
  3. Engineering of thermal installations and engineering technology, oil and gas Technician


Orientation Group of Health and Welfare

Sector of Health and Welfare 

  1. Nurse Assistant
  2. Assistant of Medical and Biological Laboratories
  3. Baby-nurse Assistant
  4. Physiotherapy Assistant
  5. Dental technician Assistant





European Dimension

As far as European Internalisation concern we give emphasis on the European dimension of education, on the creation of an open European culture, on the way of thinking and operation as well as on the implementation of innovative projects. Our school has participated in Erasmus+ – KA1 Staff Mobility, on issues related to Current Issues in education-Early school leaving (2015-1-EL01-KA101-013359).There is also no coincidence that the school is one of secondary schools of the prefecture involved in teachers4europe action and European School Ambassadors, which for the first time this year was implemented. Last but not least, this year our school has participated in European Maker week with Talks and workshops on how to innovative and explore imagination. The Headmaster of 2nd Vocational school and our teachers taking into consideration our school’s needs (improvement in school records, avoidance leaving school, encouraging participation of all learners, enhancing continuing professional development and improving intercultural understanding) consider that taking part in European programms would make a difference because it will explore diversity in Europe and integrate various cultures through innovative educational materials and it will also improve European internationalisation strategies in the field of VET and make them more sustainable, thus enhancing the quality and quantity of transnational VET mobility.



Contact and information

Dilvoi Street, Heraklion, Crete, 71409 Greece

Telephone: +302810 360741

Fax: +302810323357

email: mail@2epal-irakl.ira.sch.gr

2nd Vocational school site: http://2epal-irakl.ira.sch.gr/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/2oEpalIrakleiou

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/2epaliraklio